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lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2017

5 Most Kills In Western League of Legends History | LoL eSports

Sometimes all it takes is one kill to get things rolling… If on the right champion, or in the right team composition, that one early kill can create a snowballing effect which leads to an unkillable force. These 5 Western Players snowballed their early advantages better than no other, enroute to some one-sided victories and a boatload of kills. Here are the 5 Most Kills in a Single Western LoL Game. Shot Callers eSports brings you news, previews, interviews and highlights for eSports like League of Legends and Overwatch, top leagues like NA, EU, LCK and Overwatch League, and the world's best teams. Subscribe for a new LoL eSports top 5 list every Monday! SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShotCallerseSports?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK: http://ift.tt/2ozNOXx TWITTER: https://twitter.com/_SCesports All League of Legends footage courtesy of Riot Games. 5. xPeke (18) - 2013 Worlds, Fnatic vs. Mineski Going into 2013 Worlds, Fnatic had dominated the EU LCS, winning both the spring and summer splits. Then, drawn into Group B, Fanatic went 6-1, only having the winless Wild-card team “Mineski” left to play. Neither team took the game 100% seriously but xPeke still found himself on the power pick, “Zed”. Picking up assassination after assassination, Peke started to take over the game. With the game well in hand, Fanatic continued to wipe out Mineski as xPeke climbed to 18 kills. 4. Kev1n (18) - 2012 IEM Kiev, SK Gaming vs. Dignitas Way back in 2012, SK Gaming and DIgnitas met in the 3rd place decider at IEM Kiev. With some interesting lane swaps and unique champion picks, the game took some time to get wild. Eventually, blood started to spill as the two teams fought for the greater part of 35 minutes. With all the teamfights, Kev1n on Tryndamere was the main beneficiary. Once he got rolling, the damage from the crits were too much and Kev1n ended the game with 18 kills. 3. Rekkles (18) - 2014 Summer Split, Fnatic vs Copenhagen Wolves xPeke wasn’t the only Fnatic member to rack up 18 kills in a single game. In week 9 of the 2014 Summer Split, Fanatic would draw a huge mismatch against the Copenhagen Wolves. Rarely seen in 2014 summer, Reckless got his hands on Vayne and thanks to an early tower dive, he got rolling early. With some roster swaps, the Wolves continuously fell victim to Reckless. Then, with 9 kills in 18 minutes, things somehow got even worse for CW… 2. Scarra (19) - 2013 MLG Anaheim, Dignitas vs. TSM Now the list shifts to North America. In 2013, one of the new, crazy picks was AP Master Yi. Alex Ich had debuted it with Moscow 5 earlier in the year and then, against Team Solomid, it was Scarra who pulled it out at MLG Anaheim. Obnoxious to lane against, Scarra continuously cleared the wave with Alpha Strike and healed to full with meditation. Come skirmishes, Scarra used Yi’s ability to reset to burst down unsuspecting TSM members. Snowballing out of control, Scarra ended the game with 19 kills. 1. Jensen (20) - 2016 NA LCS Quarterfinals, Cloud9 vs. NV The man at number 1 picked up a Western record 20 kills in the 2016 quarterfinals. Up 2 games to 1 against Envy, Cloud9 briskly ended the series in style with a convincing win. However, it was Envy who picked up first blood on Jensen and his Leblanc. But from then on, Jensen was near impossible to stop. Now several key items ahead, Jensen roamed the map, one-shotting anyone he could find. That process continued until Jensen eventually reached 20 kills… smashing the previous playoff record of only 15.